Fish elephant. Elephant fish lifestyle and habitat

Features and habitat of fish elephant Who just does not swim in the depths of the sea! This is a saw fish, and a needle fish, and a moon fish, and a cockerel fish, and even an elephant fish. True, the elephant fish is considered, rather, an inhabitant of aquariums, rather than sea depths, it is too interesting. It is worth saying that you will not see such an interesting fish in every home aquarium.

Big-eyed fox shark

Domain: Eukaryotes Kingdom: Animals Subdomain: Eumetazoi Without rank: Two-sided symmetrical Without rank: Second ornate Without rank: Galeomorphi Type: Chordate Subtype: Vertebrate Infratype: Maxillary Group: Fish Class: Cartilaginous fishes Subclass: Euselemia Infraclass: Abraclot: Abraclot: Plastcage: Plastcage: Plastcage: Plain: Lamiform Family: Fox sharks Genus: Fox sharks Type: Big-eyed fox shark Big-eyed fox shark - a predatory fish that lives at a depth of several hundred meters: the conditions of low light and low temperature are familiar to her.

Maine Coon Story

Like no other on the globe, the history of the Maine Coon breed is surrounded by a halo of mystery and endless speculation. Some call Maine Coon an indigenous animal of North America, others are convinced that his ancestors were brought here from the countries of the Old World. Legends about the origin of Maine Coon Today, the version about the root origin of Maine Coons is recognized as the most plausible.

Previkoks for dogs

"Previcox" for dogs (Previcox) ​​is a highly effective anti-inflammatory, as well as anesthetic and antipyretic modern drug used in the treatment of postoperative complications of varying severity, as well as in the treatment of injuries, arthritis and arthrosis. The remedy, presented by the most selective COX-2 inhibitor, provides an excellent result in the form of the most rapid relief of pain, reduction of lameness and improvement of behavior of pets suffering from osteoarthritis.

Sentlusian snake

Sentlian snake (Dromicus ornatus) or speckled brown snake - one of the rarest snakes in the world. It lives only on one of the group of islands located in the Caribbean Sea and received a specific name in honor of the island - Saint Lucia. Sentlusian snake belongs to the 18 species of the rarest animals that live on our planet.

Malaysian muzzle - little killer

The Malayan muzzle (Caloselasms rodostoma) can be called the most dangerous snake in Southeast Asia. This snake in Vietnam, Burma, China, Thailand, Malaysia, as well as on the islands: Laos, Java and Sumatra, inhabiting thickets of tropical forests, bamboo thickets and numerous plantations. It is on plantations that people usually encounter this snake.