For 300 rats seek shelter in Munich

Almost three hundred rats were discovered by animal welfare officers in the apartment of a Munich guy who turned to them for help. For experienced workers of the association, such an event was a real shock, as in such two huge rooms so many hungry and wild rodents could be divorced.

The current situation prompted representatives of the animal welfare association to search for an appropriate place where all rats could be transported.

First, the man turned to the local hospital, complaining that he could not cope with the twenty rats living in his apartment, and intended to transfer the animals to social services. Upon arrival at the place of residence of the young man, social workers were greatly surprised to see not 20, but hundreds of hungry rodents.

In the apartment of a resident of Munich, 300 rats were found.

“They were wherever a twenty-centimeter individual could fit: on beds, in cabinets and under bedside tables. There were even real nests with small rats. It’s really terrible to see a whole darkness of angry and hungry rats, ”said Judit Brettmeister, an employee of the Munich animal protection association.

The Munich animal welfare service was able to take out only 20 rodents from the ill-fated apartment, as there is not enough space in their shelter for the rest of the animals. They left all other rats in place, and are currently actively engaged in the search for a suitable shelter. Residents of the city and simply indifferent people can contact the social service workers by phone, or help the association in transporting rats to their proper place.

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