Teddy bear from New Moscow can return to their natural habitat

Finally, the long-awaited transportation of the teddy bear, which was found in New Moscow, finally began. The transportation was organized by environmentalists, and now his place of residence (at least until he is released) will be a biostation located in the Tver region.

Specialists from the Moscow Department of Environmental Protection and Nature Management believe that since the teddy bear is still small enough and not used to people, there is a chance of bringing it back to life in a natural environment for its appearance.


They decided to rehabilitate the teddy bear in the Toropetsk biological station with the colorful name "Clean Forest". This station is a structural unit of the Central Forestry State Natural Biosphere Reserve, which is located in the Tver region. The employees of the biostation will also prepare the beast for its successful return to nature.

The age of the cub is estimated by zoologists as approximately three months. Fortunately, he did not find any health problems. It was not possible to find out how he got into the city, but most likely he was brought there by hunters from the territories adjacent to the region.

Teddy bear was sitting on a tree when a random passerby found him.

He was found recently - on May 5. This happened in a forest belt near the city of Moscow, which is seven kilometers (along the Kiev highway) from the Moscow Ring Road. One of the local residents simply noticed him sitting on a tree, after which he reported on the hot line of the Department of Environmental Protection and Nature Management of Moscow.

As a result, employees of the Directorate of Mosprirody, combining their efforts with the police, removed the beast from the tree and sent it to temporary storage in the national park.

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