What do crayfish eat?

Large crayfish, able to live in home aquariums, are rarely found among lovers of aquarium inhabitants. Recently, however, more and more people prefer unusual options. Many males and females have a calm character, require a minimum of time and attention, are ready to please with bright colors and interesting behavior.

In the world, crayfish can live in various reservoirs. Thanks to what they are successfully found in various states and are one of the most common inhabitants of water bodies. If you wish, you can breed cancer in the aquarium at home, but you need to understand the features of caring for it.

Visual description: how to distinguish a female from a male?

Actually, distinguishing a female from a male is not as easy as we would like. Despite this, the task can be successfully dealt with:

  1. Sexual openings - this is one of the most significant features almost always, with rare exceptions. Males have tubular genital openings, which are located at the very end of a row of paws. Females have genital openings that are located closer to the front of the trunk. However, the task is complicated by the following factor: individuals can have common sexual characteristics. Despite this, it is necessary to correctly determine the gender, since cancers are only same-sex.
  2. Among the visual differences between the female and the male, claws and tail should be noted. The male can note longer and larger claws. At the same time, the female may have a wider tail.
  3. Aquarium crayfish can carry caviar under the abdomen before the appearance of young individuals. For this reason, females have a wider abdomen. Among other differences in females, there is an increased width of the cephalothorax. Males have blunt and short claws.
  4. Females may have small abdominal legs. In some cases, this pair of legs is completely absent.
  5. If a female is larger and older, she can carry more eggs in herself and delight in fertility.

Knowing how to correctly determine the sex of cancer, you need to take care of their successful breeding. In any case, the character of the aquarium inhabitant promises to be peaceful.

Basic rules for keeping crayfish in an aquarium

One cancer can be kept in a small aquarium. If regular replacement of water is supposed, it is possible to stop on 30 - 40 liters. In any case, shelters need to be provided, since most often crayfish hide the remains of food in caves or pots. It is important to prepare for a lot of leftover food, regardless of what the aquarium inhabitant is. If you do not take into account such a factor, you can encounter a serious violation of the water balance and the need for its frequent replacement.

It is advisable to conduct regular checks of the nooks and crannies of the aquarium in order to maintain the cleanliness of the male and his females in the house.

If large crayfish live in the aquarium, a volume of eighty liters is required. It must be remembered that the inhabitants are cannibals, because they can eat each other. Moreover, the risk increases during molting, when any gender becomes dangerous for neighbors. In order to protect the crayfish from each other, you need to take care of the presence of a spacious aquarium with numerous shelters. The male and the female should be able to hide from each other during molting.

It is advisable to use an internal filter to filter the aquarium. The most important thing is to understand how decent decent living conditions for aquarium inhabitants should be maintained.

If an external filter is used, the situation with the hoses may not be the same as we would like. Cancer is able to get out of the hose and begin to crawl around the apartment. It must be remembered: crayfish are capable of escaping. Wanting to protect the apartment from the male and his girlfriends, it is desirable to tightly cover the aquarium. In addition, it would not be particularly pleasant to understand early in the morning that the male had escaped with girlfriends who had practically died, because cancer cannot live long without water.

Features of molting in crayfish

Many arthropods experience regular molting. Cancer is no exception, so you need to understand how to determine molt.

Large crayfish have a cover characterized by increased stiffness and created on the basis of chitin. For this reason, crayfish should regularly drop their carapace, covering themselves with new ones. If he managed to notice that the aquarium dweller was hiding more and longer, he decided to molt.

Any floor can successfully throw off its shell, which will subsequently lie at the bottom of the aquarium. However, the shell does not need to be removed, because after molting it will be eaten. The composition contains a large amount of calcium, which is required to update the cover. Regardless of which sex the cancer represents, for successfully completed molting it will take three to four days if the old shell is eaten. Young individuals molt more often, but subsequently the frequency decreases.

How to organize feeding? Who eats what?

In natural conditions, crayfish eat plant foods. However, what and how does it eat cancer if it lives at home? It will be possible to distinguish the nutrition scheme from the natural diet, but still there are significant similarities. So, aquarium cancer eats:

  1. Sinking granules.
  2. Cereals.
  3. Special feed created by modern manufacturers for crayfish and shrimp.
  4. A variety of pills. Aquarium cancer eats such foods regularly, thereby maintaining good health.
  5. The best option is feed with a high content of calcium. If the cancer eats such foods during molting, it will be able to restore chitin cover in the shortest possible time.
  6. It is advisable to include a variety of vegetables in the diet: zucchini, cucumbers, spinach.
  7. If a large number of plants grow in the aquarium, you can give their excess. Plants are similar in composition to vegetables, because any cancer eats them almost without problems.
  8. It is advisable to include protein feed in the diet once a week. Decent offers - fish fillet, frozen live foods, shrimp. It should be noted that any gender is able to acquire additional aggression if you overdo it with protein feed. This is what experienced aquarists say.

In most cases, eat once a week. However, if the cancer eats vegetables, it is advisable to leave the products at all times. In any case, cancer only eats when he wants it.

Features of reproduction in the aquarium

Breeding of crayfish in an aquarium can occur. In order to facilitate such a task, one must understand that the conditions of the aquarium are radically different from natural factors in the natural world. In this regard, it is desirable to determine the moment when the most important stage for the appearance of offspring begins. During this period, it is advisable to pay increased attention to water parameters and include high quality feed mixtures in the diet of aquarium inhabitants.

What is the pattern of crayfish propagation?

  1. Mating is the basis for further breeding. For this, special antennas are designed by nature.
  2. After 20 days, the female sex lays eggs that are attached under the abdomen. For shelving, the female should sink to the bottom. Any movement is disturbing, so in such a crucial period it is advisable to prepare a different place of residence for the female.
  3. After a while, crustaceans hatch, which in a couple of months can start to eat on their own.

In order for the male sex of crayfish not to scare the boys, it is best to take care of increasing the number of shelters. Otherwise, one cancer eats another, which is not desirable for the fauna.

What are crayfish?

  1. Crayfish is the most common in the world. Unfortunately, it will not be possible to keep it in the aquarium for a long time. Wanting to distinguish crayfish from others, it is necessary to note the large size and dexterity. Crayfish can eat small fish and swallow plants. For long life, cold water is required, as a result of which health deteriorates quickly and life expectancy is reduced. Crayfish in an aquarium can live if you prepare a separate house for it.
  2. California red cancer is truly popular in the world with aquarists. You can distinguish it by its unique appearance: a bright red color and a length of 12 - 15 centimeters. Life expectancy is 2 to 3 years. California cancer is unpretentious.
  3. Marble cancer is one of the most special in the whole world. All individuals are females. Wishing to distinguish marble cancer by gender, the task will be a failure. In addition, females successfully breed without partners.
  4. Blue Florida crayfish has proven to be popular all over the world, but its coloration is obtained artificially.
  5. Louisiana dwarf cancer can be distinguished due to its small size (length is 3 - 4 centimeters). Life expectancy is about 15 to 18 months. The small size leads to the fact that Louisiana cancer must be peaceful, and it can successfully coexist even with fish.

In order to distinguish your love of crayfish from other aquarists, you need to study all the existing varieties and give preference to the most beautiful of them, properly care for the aquarium babies and help maintain good health, long life.

Watch the video: Keeping Freshwater Crayfish (February 2020).

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