DIY aquarium decorations

Aquariums are a whole universe for such small living creatures of the water element as fish, skates, crustaceans, snails, snakes ... Their number is pleasantly shocking in any artificial reservoir. DIY crafts for an aquarium are a creative, exclusive process, depending on the talent of the owner. Aquarists are very proud of their wonderful creations. These masterpieces are beautiful and at the same time convenient for aquatic inhabitants of the aquariums. How many varieties can be embodied in the manufacture of a magnificent brainchild!

Background creation

You can create a mythical fairy tale from any beautiful moment in life. Someone recalls a vacation in the mountains and uses a cave sculpture in the manufacture of scenery. Someone can not forget scuba diving to the bottom of the Black Sea with numerous outlandish strange algae. Decorations in the aquarium can be created using a black shade. Thanks to this color, space is visualized. At the same time, a colorfully laid out mosaic of stones with colored lighting gives the magnificence of the beauty of the water kingdom.

Background decorations for aquariums can be created by painting the surface and applying decorative patterns. You can use a self-adhesive film glued to a plywood sheet. A pattern created by artists is applied to it. It must be tightly attached to the rear wall of the artificial reservoir. The glass surface is wiped with wipers and degreased. Otherwise, the film may fall off and scare the aquarium inhabitants. The surface is moistened with settled water, evenly applying a plywood sheet. Air is squeezed out of the film by uniform stroking or punctures of the surface. Plywood is qualitatively fixed with adhesive tape.

When creating decorations for an aquarium, you can use a foam sheet. It will serve as a screen, which at any time can be replaced by another decor. A rock, a castle, a waterfall is cut out of the material ... The front side is burned with fire until small bubbles appear. Alabaster, gypsum or cement is applied to the hot side. After complete drying, the surface is painted with gray or gold paint. Attach the artwork face to the aquarium. The scenery for the aquarium will serve as a wonderful backdrop for its inhabitants.

The splendor of the waterfall

Aquarium scenery of the splendor of the waterfall the mythical fall of the seething stream of water. A powerful effect is achieved by the skillful construction of the falling sand stream. This action is created thanks to the air compressor, which creates a vacuum. With the help of injection, sand rises up through the pipes, and then gradually descends, creating a wonderful illusion. With a sinking heart, eyes delighted with delight, those observing the life of the water element will appreciate the whole beauty of the picture. The scenery for the aquarium in the form of a wonderful waterfall can be created by yourself with the help of a compressor. You will need:

  1. A support whose height will serve as the size.
  2. Transparent adhesive tape.
  3. Hose, with a diameter up to 15 millimeters.
  4. Plastic bottle from mineral water.
  5. Silicone glue.
  6. Purchased dropper hoses.
  7. Decorative pebbles.

The decoration of the aquarium is created using the support. For the necessary stability, it is necessary to attach a rectangular base. Several decorative pebbles are glued onto it, which create the necessary weight and additional stability. A hose is attached to it so that the edge of the top is 1 centimeter above the water. At the bottom of the hose, a hole is cut for the storage bowl of sand. Such a vessel is made from a plastic bottle. The top of the neck is trimmed, which is cut lengthwise in the form of a scoop. The bowl is inserted into the hose and tightly fixed with a transparent tape. All joints are sealed with silicone glue. The decoration for the aquarium does not tolerate depressurization of the seams. Otherwise, the injection will not work. To the lower edge of a hose tubes from droppers join. Air is supplied through this device. A hole is cut through the bottom, through which all the sand will spill out. The design can be decorated with small pebbles, gypsum, cement. From it you can create a beautiful mesmerizing castle or a mysterious cave. The decoration of the aquarium will be a great addition to its aquatic inhabitants.

Exclusive water architectures

The architecture of small form can be replaced with knots and roots of trees found in the forest. True connoisseurs of exclusive jewelry make various caves, ships, burrows, and also various inhabitants of the water kingdom from wood. The decorations for the aquarium in the form of natural trees look great. Viewers are presented with a panorama of the dragon’s fairy-tale world, among scattered colored treasures near a wooden chest and a sunken ship. Such shelters will become a favorite place for home dwellers.

In the manufacture of crafts, the material is soaked for 30 minutes in salt water. Then the future workpiece must be boiled and cleaned of bark. On the side you need to cut a hole that will serve as an entrance. The edges are burned on fire and cleaned of exfoliated particles. Then the decoration of the aquarium should lie for 7 days in boiled water. Only after all the procedures, the tree is laid out at the bottom of the aquarium, fixed with silicone glue or decorative pebbles. It is forbidden to use a rotting tree. Particles of such material will fall into the aquarium water and adversely affect the health of the inhabitants. It is not recommended to use oak. Its substances secrete organic acids that are harmful to fish. Due to the resin content, decorations for aquariums cannot be made from conifers.

Stone treasury

Skillful craftsmen make treasures of sunken ships from ordinary small pebbles. Of particular love and demand are flat stones of small size of regular rounded shape. Making decorations for aquariums is made according to the plan and imagination of the master. Bonding stones is created with special silicone according to the artist’s drawings. It can be a stone fortress or steep cliffs, a stone bridge or a mysterious cave.

Small aquarium decoration pebbles goes well with sandy waterfall and wooden crafts. Natural stone is easy to use and has global capabilities for creating unusual figures. You can use smooth pebbles, which are well fixed with silicone glue. It is forbidden to make decorations for aquariums from alkaline materials. They change the chemical composition of water, creating conditions unsuitable for existence. In such a situation, aquatic inhabitants may die. To check the stones for alkalinity, you should drop apple cider vinegar on their surface. When sizzling bubbles appear, the use of such stones is prohibited, since an alkaline reaction has occurred. Such material contains calcareous molecules and is unsuitable for use. With a neutral reaction, the pebbles are laid on the bottom of the aquarium or glued with glue.

The decoration for the aquarium in the form of pebbles goes well with shells and corals. Such material is loved by African cichlids living in similar environmental conditions. For other types of marine life, it is better to use the types of stones:

  • Granite;
  • Pebbles;
  • Quartzite;
  • Amber;
  • Marble;
  • Slate;
  • Porphyry;
  • Gneiss;
  • Mineral stones.

Do not use decorations for aquariums with very sharp edges, as fish can get hurt. Figures made of stones are indispensable in the design of home and office aquariums. They well fill the inner space, creating a fairy tale world.

Decorations for aquariums are especially appreciated when they are created with their own hands. All the charm of the water element can be shown in all its glory with the industriousness and talent of the master. Only with his imagination and skill can you bring to life and reproduce the mysterious water crafts. They will attract, delight numerous viewers with fabulous fantasies of wood, stone, polystyrene foam, beads, ornamental plants, sand. The world inside the aquarium will seem real, mysterious and attracting the eyes of others.

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