Persheron horse. Description, care and price of horse percheron

Noble power, heroic to become, how else to describe the majestic handsome horses, as if descended from a picture of Vasnetsov? Meet is percheron - the beauty and pride of Normandy.

Features and habitat of horse percheron

About the history of occurrence percheron horses and hot debates are still going on today. Some experts consider them the descendants of wild horses that lived in the south of France several millennia ago.

Others are sure that this breed is not so ancient - it has been known since the 19th century and was bred in the province of Persh, by crossing Norman heavy trucks with purebred Arabian horses.

One way or another, percheron is one of the most beautiful, strong and hardy horses on the planet. Having absorbed the grace of their eastern ancestors and the remarkable strength of the famous French heavy trucks, these horses in a matter of years became known throughout the world.

The nearest relatives of percheron - The local Norman breed of heavy trucks was in great demand even in the era of Julius Caesar and was used for military campaigns. The colossal performance combined with a strong physique made this horse ideal for a medieval knight.

Not every horse could raise a rider dressed in heavy armor, and then still gallop during knightly tournaments. Ancestors french percheron - they could.

Its full bloom Percheron breed reached at the turn of the 19-20 centuries, when they were widely used in agriculture and in transport. Crews drawn by perchers could be found in Australia, the Americas and, of course, in most European countries. Breeding this breed in those years was very profitable.

By modern standards, horse percheron should be at least 1.6 m at the withers, with a chest girth of about 2 m. The body of the animal is muscular, with a wide massive neck and chest, legs of medium length, sinewy and very strong.

The head is not very large compared to the body, the frontal part is convex and wide, the nose is flat. Surprisingly, these big guys have big and very expressive eyes.

The highest percheron is a stallion by the name of Dr. Le Gers was, no less, 2.13 m tall and weighed 1.37 tons. Also, a distinctive feature of these heavy trucks is a luxurious mane and tail. There was a time when tails of horses of this breed were stopped so that they would not get mixed up in harnesses. Now, thank God, they have refused it.

The color characteristic of percherons is gray in apples, or black. Less common are roan and red specimens. Like all heavy trucks, Perchers are distinguished by their patience, endurance and good disposition.

They quickly learn everything and are endowed with a considerable mind. With its impressive appearance, Perchers are very graceful and mobile, you can feel the hot Arab blood, even if its share is completely insignificant.

Just look at photo of percheron, standing on its hind legs or galloping, it becomes clear that it could not have done without its eastern ancestors. In addition to all these qualities, there is another, very valuable - horse perchers have a unique soft move, which is preserved with any gait.

Care and price of horse percheron

Persheron is an unpretentious horse. These animals easily adapt to the new climate, perfectly tolerate both summer heat and winter cold. The constant renewal of the breed, the infusion of new blood, made the percherons less susceptible to many diseases.

In the stable, where perchers are kept, there should be horse stalls for cleaning and feeding horses, as well as spacious stalls where animals rest and sleep. Lattices are usually mounted between the stalls so that the horses can see each other.

Rubber mats spread on the floor (this will reduce the load on the animal’s legs), lay straw on top or sprinkle sawdust. Regular cleaning of the stall, proper nutrition and daily walking are the key to health for the horse.

Percheron price corresponds to its advantages and averages from 2,000 to 10,000 US dollars. A foal will cost less, but to raise and raise it will be time-consuming and expensive. The cost of a stallion with a good pedigree and famous parents will be an order of magnitude, or even two, higher and discussed individually.


Like other horses, perchers are fed with grain crops (corn, oats) and good quality hay. Vegetables should also be present in the diet, special fortified supplements are recommended. In the warm season, herds of Percherson are driven to pasture. So, in their homeland, in Normandy, with its favorable warm climate, horses are grazing all year round.

Reproduction and Life Span of a Percheron Horse

Historically, the Percheron breed has changed depending on the requirements of the time. At first there was a demand for hardy riding horses, combining the physical strength of a heavy truck and the ease of race breeds.

Then, when the era of chivalry sank into oblivion, animals became necessary for agriculture - the Perchers were harnessed to a plow. At the dawn of the 20th century, these horses changed their occupation, becoming mostly harnessed.

Each such change involved the crossbreeding of local breeding animals with foreign producers bearing one or another feature. In different years, the blood of Arab, Danish, English breeds, as well as local Bologna, were mixed with them. In the end, percherson began to be divided into large and small. The former were bred for work in the field and transportation, the latter for horse riding and as mail.

The main center for the breeding of Percherons is considered the French province of Perche, in particular the stud farm le Ara du Pen. Nowadays, colorful presentations for visitors are held weekly at the plant.

And there is something to see - pedigree sleek stallions, striking in their power and grace, experienced riders on the background of buildings dating back to 1715-1730.

These beauties came to Russia in 1891. Domestic breeding for the most part is associated with the Khrenovsky stud farm, where several new lines were drawn during its heyday, but only one remained - Ixoda.

The rest, no less successful, disappeared, because the funding was insignificant, and there was simply nothing to buy new foreign producers to continue the selection. Today, the plant, which once moved to the Ulyanovsk region, has become so unprofitable that it has closed. Horses were sold under the hammer in private stables.

It is worth noting that the pregnancy in Percheron mares is surprisingly easy, foals are born healthy and strong. Their childhood period lasts about 2 years, at which time they need to carefully monitor their diet, and also take as much as possible to fresh air (if weather permits).

Movement for them is one of the main factors of healthy development. The life expectancy of these good giants by human standards is small - up to 30 years. Perchers work up to a maximum of 25.

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