Norwich Terrier dog. Description, care and price of the breed Norwich Terrier

In England there is a city called Norwich. It was in this small town that a small and cute breed of terrier dogs was bred, which was given the name norwich terrier. Otherwise, they were called the "rags" breed, this word translated from English means "shaggy."

At the end of the 20th century, these dogs were called "Cambridge Terriers", as they were very popular among students at Cambridge University. They even lived in a hostel with their pets. Some considered these nice little dogs as their talismans.

Description and Features

Breed Norwich Terrier - This is a great hunting dog. Their small size allows them to easily penetrate burrows and get their victims out of there. Approximate male growth is up to 30 centimeters, and weight can reach up to 6 kilograms. It is impossible to watch without tenderness at Photo Norwich Terrier.

In appearance, they are very cute and terribly cute little animals with short legs, erect ears, dark eyes and a cropped tail. Despite their outwardly appealing appearance, doggies have a very strong jaw and strong teeth.

Thanks to these strong parts, they easily destroy small game. They prey mainly on rodents and other small pests. At pet shows, this breed is highly valued for hunting scars. Now, these terriers are very popular as a decorative pet, but the people who breed them try to still maintain the qualities of a hunter.

Their color can be different, ranging from gray, wheat, red, brown and ending with black flowers. Poor quality of the breed are white spots in their color. Norwich coat is tough and shaggy, so you need to comb the terriers at least once a week. There is a collar on the neck.

Features of the breed Norwich Terrier

The main feature of these animals is their character. Although they are considered hunting dogs, they can become an indispensable friend to their owners. This type of terriers is very good-natured and they quickly become attached to their owners. Also, dogs of this breed are very fond of playing games, and will become a favorite friend to children.

His cheerful and gambling disposition puppies norwich terra can charm everyone around. They don’t feel jealousy, so they can easily find a common language with other pets in the house. Deciding to buy norwich terrier, you must be prepared for the fact that the character of these doggies is peculiar. They are very curious.

With the acquisition of this breed, chaos settles in the house. They like to bark and nibble. Be prepared for some interior and wardrobe items to suffer. This is a very noisy breed. They are all interested and like any games. Also, they are able to give a worthy answer to their offenders and stand up for the owners, whether it be a person or an animal.

Despite all the above qualities, Norwich is a very noble and independent dog. Character Norwich Terriers has only one minus. Since this breed was bred as a hunter, and the instinct of a hunter is laid in them, it is worth walking on a leash.

Pictured puppy Norwich Terrier

In the heat of excitement, a doggie may simply not hear the commands of the owners and climb deep into the burrow of its prey. He can be a great watchman. Dog Norwich Terrier reacts to any noise and warns of the dangers of its owners. They do not enter the fray first. Even if provoked, the Norwegians try to avoid conflict.

Care and Nutrition Norwich Terrier

In the care and nutrition of these animals are not whimsical. They get used to life in any locality. It can be either a private house or an apartment. Do not forget that these dogs are very active and energetic.

They like to walk outdoors for a long time. It is necessary to bathe them as they become soiled. Sometimes a few times a year is enough. Do not forget about caring for your pet’s nails. It is important to trim them as soon as the puppy is brought into the house.

This procedure should be performed very carefully, as you can injure the pet. You cannot cut the claws too short. It is better to go to a professional who knows his job. When deciding to get an animal in the house, do not forget about vaccinations and hygienic procedures. Especially if there are children in the house and they have direct contact with the animal.

No matter how clean the puppy may be, when he goes out for a walk once, he can pick up any infection, starting from worms and ticks. The key to long life of your favorite pets is vaccination. An important aspect in the education of Norwich Terrier is training. They lend themselves very well to her, if the owner shows special perseverance and determination.

Training can take place both on the street and in the house. A puppy of this breed can even be taught to dance. It all depends on the goal that was originally from the one who acquired this animal. If you need an assistant on the hunt, then you should visit the dog school, where professionals are great help in raising a terrier.

Terriers do not require special nutrition, but nevertheless, it is worth knowing some nuances. No need to teach your pet food that the owner eats. This can harm your friend. The diet of a healthy and active Norwich terrier should include foods such as meat, vegetables, fruits, cereals, dairy products, vegetable oils.

We should not forget about the vitamins and minerals that the animal needs so much for strength and normal development. But if the owner is a busy person and he does not have enough time to prepare food for his pet, then it is better to accustom the animal to store balanced feeds from an early age.

Breed price

In England, the breed is a very popular breed. In our area, buying a puppy is a little difficult, but there are still some chances. Norwich Terrier costs from 500 to 2000 dollars. Those who could afford and got such an expensive doggie never regretted it.

One can only hear how smart, funny, friendly, playful and devoted animals they are. In general, about norwich terrier reviews only positive. They all have exceptionally good pedigrees. This gives all guarantees that if the choice falls on a dog of this particular breed, then it will by no means be mistaken.

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