Lhasa Apso. Breed Features and Lhasa Apso Care

Breed description

Lhasa apso is a breed of dog bred by Tibetan monks several thousand years ago to protect mountain monasteries.

Long, thick coat allowed the dog to stay in the cold for a long time, and a sensitive, delicate ear to reliably guard the territory of the monastery. The name of the breed translates as "the bearded dog of Tibet" ("Lhasa" is the capital of Tibet, and "apso" is the bearded).

This breed is still sacred to the inhabitants of Tibet, because apso, because of their mane, are very similar to lions - faithful companions of Buddha. In Europe lhasa apso appeared for the first time only in the 20th century, in the UK, where they were first captured on a photo.

Breed features

Appearance. The ideal male height is 25-28 centimeters, bitches are slightly smaller. Weight - 5.9-6.8 kg. The coat is straight, stiff, not silky. The color is sand, aspid, honey yellow or black speckled.

Dogs of this breed have a dark beard and mustache, their hair cascades over their eyes. According to Tibetan beliefs, looking into the eyes of a person, apso can read his thoughts. Muzzle of medium length, eyes small, deep set, dark color.

The neck and tail are especially covered with long hair, the tail is twisted into a ring and thrown back. Paws are large, with tight-fitting fingers, densely covered with wool. Despite the long hair on the head, the dogs of this breed have an unusually thin ear, so they are excellent guards for the home.

Dog character breed lhasa apso a very independent and proud character, but along with this they are very devoted to their master and his family.

Vigilant and self-confident, these dogs are very distrustful of strangers, and therefore are excellent watchmen.

It is worth noting that Lhasa Apso should not be left with small children, because if a child accidentally offends this dog, it can respond with a bite.

Of the small dog breeds, the Lhasa Apso breed is the most faithful and affectionate for its owner, there are cases when, after parting, the dog died of melancholy.

Price Lhasa Apso

It is best to get a Lhasa Apso puppy at the age of 1.5-2 months, when the dog has already relatively formed psyche and the first preventive vaccination has been carried out.

Buy lhasa apso can be in any large nursery, this breed is very popular and common. You should not buy such a dog in the bird market, otherwise there is a risk of getting a sick or non-pedigree dog.

Price purebred puppy lhasa apso with documents RKF starts from 30 thousand rubles. Lhasa apso puppy from titled and well-known parents can cost both 50 and 80 thousand rubles.

Lhasa apso content at home

Lhasa apso - dogIdeal for home maintenance. Despite its long and thick coat, this dog practically does not fade, so even people with an allergy to coat buy this breed in the house.

Lhasa apso is very curious, but at the same time very calm - barking at every rustle and rustle outside the door you will not hear. Cheerful, but not hyperactive, this dog does not require long walks, it can spend its energy in home games.

Apso is not picky in food - it can eat both ready-made feeds and home-made human food. The portions are eaten small, but there should always be fresh water in the public domain.

Lhasa apso is a very hardy and healthy dog, but it does not tolerate sudden changes in temperature and strong winds, so in bad weather it is better to refrain from walking. To maintain health, you need to regularly carries the dog for examination by a veterinarian. Pay special attention to the eyes and kidneys - these organs in Lhasa apso are the most vulnerable.

With proper care and balanced nutrition lhasa apso can live up to 20 years. The most long-lived apso was the dog Tim, who lived 29 years.

Lhasa apso care and training

When caring for Lhasa Apso, you should pay special attention to its amazing thick and long fur coat. To teach a puppy to water procedures should begin immediately after acquisition.

Bathe at least once every two weeks, and wash your paws and coat on your stomach - after each walk. Also, after each walk, you need to comb wool lhaso apso.

For combing you need a special comb for long hair and a brush for combing. The hair should be combed along the growth line, from the roots, with extreme caution.

On the day, it takes at least half an hour to comb the wool. If you don’t comb the apso for at least a few days, then from the wool you will form tangles that cannot be untangled - you will have to cut the wool briefly.

In addition to combing, it is necessary to cut the grown hair every season, and cut the hair around the paw pads as it grows. Currently, there are a lot of salons where you can make your own lhasa apso beautiful fashion haircut.

Weekly, you need to brush your dog's teeth with a special dog brush and toothpaste and clean your ears with a cotton swab. Eyes should be wiped daily, and after feeding, be sure to wash the face and mustache of the animal.

It is necessary to cut the nails, as the dog walks on stone and asphalt a little and can not grind off its nails. Lhasa Apso stubborn, but amenable to training.

It is worth noting that during training it is impossible to exert a physical effect on the dog. Dogs of this breed are very susceptible to the intonation and pitch of the owner’s voice, therefore, to punish or stop the pet, just shout at him.

Large physical exertion is contraindicated in this breed, so you should not spend too much time training. From early childhood, a puppy should be accustomed to wearing a leash and a collar with a collar, otherwise, at a more mature age, it will become very difficult to train this dog.

Very smart, loyal and funny, this dog skillfully combines all the best qualities of a canine family. The small size allows you to keep the dog even in a small apartment, and traveling with apso is a pleasure.

If the house appears Lhasa Apso puppy - happiness, comfort and fun will settle in the house. Apso is the most faithful friend to his family and a reliable companion to his beloved master.

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