Sviyaz luxurious: voice, photo, description

Luxurious Pig (Anas sibilatrix), Chilean Pig or Chiloe Pig belong to the duck family, anseriformes. It belongs to the indigenous ducks of southern South America. The species name was formed from the name of the island of Chiloe, located in southern Chile.

Luxurious Pig (Anas sibilatrix)

In their native places, the luxurious saber is called "pinto duck" or "royal duck". There is another nickname for a luxurious sviyazi - rattle or whistler, its appearance is associated with the peculiarities of a bird's call.

Listen to the voice of a luxurious sviyazi.


Outward signs of a wrap-around luxurious.

Luxurious Pig has a body length of 43 - 54 cm. Wingspan reaches 75 - 86 cm. Weight - 828 - 939 grams. Unlike other bundles, the male and female of this species of ducks are almost identical in appearance. Luxurious Sviyaz has a rather colorful plumage coloring. The head is distinguished by lateral tops in the form of peculiar wide brow “commas”, iridescent in green-blue shades on a dark base with white cheeks and front.

The plumage around the eyes has a vertical strip. A whitish spot is present in the ear opening.

The neck and occipital parts of the head are black. The chest is white and black, finely streaked with strokes. The plumage of the wings and back is white - black with a black oblong pattern trimmed in white. The sides are with a white base, on which the reddish colors of rust are visible. A reddish color may also be present on the hips and in the undertail. The tail is blackish, with white patches and small rare dark spots. The bill is gray - bluish, the area of ​​the nostrils and the tip is black. The iris of the eyes is dark brown. The legs are gray.

Males can be easily distinguished from females by large body sizes and a slightly lighter glossy color of feather cover. The green color of the feathers on the head is more pronounced in males. This species of ducks can be identified in flight by sufficiently white spots, similar in shape to a crescent, they are placed on the wings and are clearly expressed in males. Young ducks in plumage color are similar to adult birds, but typical rusty shades on the sides are reduced or absent.

Spread sviyazi luxurious.

The luxurious henchman is found in southern South America. It lives in Uruguay, Argentina, Chile. Inhabits the Falkland Islands. Some birds reach the South Orkney Islands, the South Shetland Islands and the outskirts of southern Antarctica. Some luxurious twigs fly to South Georgia. In winter, they migrate to southeastern Brazil.

The habitat is sviyazi luxurious.

The luxurious henchman prefers to stay in fresh water. Found on lakes, swamps. It lives on rivers with a slow course.

Breeding Sviyazi luxurious.

The breeding season of luxurious wiggles falls on August - December. This is a monogamous species of ducks. Marital behavior is characterized by mutual head movements and vocalization.

Both birds swim in the water one after another, and the male regularly turns his head toward the female, as he is swimming in front. Pairs are formed already in a pack, which sometimes numbers up to 100 individuals.

The nesting site is small. Luxurious woolen relationships in pairs are the strongest of all woolen ties.

Ducks nest in separate pairs or in small groups. The female chooses a nesting place among tall grass or near shrubs a short distance from the water. The nest is masked in dense vegetation. In clutch 6-10 white or cream eggs. The male does not help in incubation, but keeps nearby, guarding the female on the nest. Hatching lasts 24-26 days. The chicks are covered from above with dark brown fluff with yellowish spots, the bottom of their bodies is yellow, the head is a beautiful reddish hue with a white line on the back. Thin brown lines are visible near the eyes. After the appearance of the chicks, the male returns and helps to drive ducklings. Then leaves the family for a molt period. Adult birds take care of the offspring, sometimes the male alone accompanies ducklings. In some areas, couples can breed a second brood. Luxurious sviyazi breed at the age of one year and form pairs for a long time.

The food is wacky luxury.

Luxurious sviyazi eat from the surface of the water, dipping their heads in the water in search of prey. Ducks eat predominantly plant foods, including cereals and sedge. They feed on seeds and green parts of plants. In the summer they consume worms, insect larvae and small fish. Luxurious sviyazi not only dive into the water, but graze on the banks of ponds in dense vegetation.

Conservation status is luxurious.

Luxurious sviyazi have an extremely large range of distribution. A census of birds showed that almost 19,000 ducks live in Argentina alone. The total number of birds is estimated at one million individuals. Their number does not approach the threshold for vulnerable species and, according to a number of criteria, luxurious sviyazi can not claim to a rare category. The number of birds remains stable, and it is unlikely that a sharp decrease in the number of individuals can occur in the future, although environmental degradation occurs in habitats. For these reasons, IUCN views the luxurious elk as being of the least concern.

Keep woozy luxurious in captivity.

Sviyaz is a luxurious very elegant duck and a fairly common bird species in aviaries around the world. Luxurious woolen trees are placed in the summer in a street nursery. One duck has an area of ​​about 4 square meters. meter.

In the winter time of the year, the pigs are transferred to the house. On calm and sunny days they let out for a walk. But in the fall during the flight, ducks can fly away, so the room for walking is covered with a net.

In a winter house, luxurious wraps are protected from wind and rain. The height of the pen is 0.7 - 1.0 meters, at least 1 square meter per bird. meter of the room.

Ducks are wintered if they have healthy feathers and a balanced diet. Even in winter, it is necessary to maintain a hole in the water sufficient for luxurious wraps in the water. To prevent water from freezing, use an air compressor. If the water is constantly mixed, an ice crust will not form on it. To lay the ducks, lay soft hay in the warm corner of the house. They feed luxurious twigs with wheat, corn, and barley. They give millet, oatmeal, add soybean and sunflower meal, bran to the feed. Add meat and fish meal, chalk, mollusk shells, chopped greens to the food: leaves of plantain, dandelion, lettuce. Luxurious sviyazi wet food from bran, grated carrots, various porridge. During molting, they strengthen protein nutrition and mix meat or fish and minced meat. In this case, take into account that the amount of crude protein does not exceed eighteen percent. The lack of succulent food and a large amount of protein food can lead to the development of uric acid diathesis. The amount in the feed is from 6 to 8%.

Luxurious sviyaz can be kept in the house together with other ducks. They breed in captivity and breed. To breed chicks, artificial nests are installed. In captivity, luxurious sviyazi live up to 30 years.

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